Day 2 - 30 Paintings in 30 Days

San Antonio And Vicinity
12x17 Mixed Media
This work was created on a microscope slide tray. I have hundreds and hundreds of them. Don't ask.
Three of the vertical panels consist of mono prints I made and then pieced into the furrows of the tray. One of the mono prints was made on a map of San Antonio.  One panel is acrylic paint marked into with a silicone tip, and the last is a piece of hoarded tissue paper, decoupaged into place. This piece was a pleasurable puzzle. I'm pleased with the result. Now what to do with the remaining hundreds of the microscope trays?


Barbara Muir said...

Man you are an Einstein of art -- brilliant ideas and novelty just
shooting out of that great brain and heart. As for the trays -- your
decision. I can't even imagine what you're talking about, but these
pieces are brilliant.


Cagley Art said...

I absolutely love this!!!