Day Twenty-Eight - 30 Paintings in 30 Days - Mo

11x14 oil on canvas
My daughter offered to pose for a photo so my 28th day's painting could be of her. I really enjoyed this one. It was painted in three spurts: Before and after she and I went to see Tom Hanks in Inferno, and after we went to see an Improv show nearby.  
Thanks always to the small core of artists who come by to be good company as I paint online!


Jo Castillo said...

She is so sweet, you captured her so well. My old computer and Ustream do not work well together, so I can either see and not comment or vice versa. Love seeing you once in a while anyhow. Hugs.

pmst105 said...

Susan, WOW...You did it! Congratulations! You ran the race and won!
Although, for we who know you, there was never any doubt that you'd do it. And you not only finished, but you win the blue ribbon! We watched you paint so beautifully while making it look so easy...YEAH!!!!
Its been fun. Sincerely, Pam T.