Online Still Life Painting Workshop Report

Daisies' Date, oil, 14" x 11" $400 unframed, $450. framed

- My painting from the workshop yesterday. (The painting within the painting is by Barbara Pask. )
Look for the images of the other artists' paintings below....

Nineteen wonderful artists registered for my first online painting workshop and seventeen attended it live yesterday. The other two will take the workshop from the video recordings we created yesterday. I was so impressed with each artist's work and their good nature as we rolled with occasional difficulty using Ustream as our means to connect. Between those delays and my having chosen a reference that was a bit complicated we ran later than we'd planned, but they hung in there, creating beautiful paintings every one.
I plan to offer other online workshops in the future, putting to use all I learned and making changes suggested by the artists in this first one. Portraiture, figures, pastel, more still life... my mind whirls with the possibilities!
If you couldn't attend yesterday's workshop live, but would like to take it by painting along to about 8-9 hours of videos on your own time in your own home, let me know. $40. (Critiques of your resulting work are not included with this option.)

I'll add images of the other artists' workshop paintings on this post as they are sent to me... check back over the next few days!

Ruthie Sexton

Annice Anderson

Debra Bryant

Barbara Pask

Gwen Bell

Peggy Montano

Pattie Wall

Marilyn Harman

Norma Folse
Leslie Newman
Janice Crawford


Last Cup Of Coffee said...

This is absolutely 1000 percent beautiful! I must take your workshop!

M. M. Harman said...

As one of the participants in your first workshop, I must tell you Susan, it was wonderful, a genuine honor! I've taken several workshops, live, online, and on dvd...and hands down THIS WAS THE BEST! Yes technology fought us a bit, but YOU more than made up for any technological trials. Thank you for being so kind, thoughtful, and generous with your time and talent. Anyone that has the opportunity to take advantage of one of your workshops will walk away knowing that not one moment or one dime was wasted. Thank you Susan for a wonderful experience. I hope to participate in many more with you.

Jo Castillo said...

Sounds like you did well! Maybe I can do one of the later workshops. Your painting is lovely.

Linda said...

First - this is a lovely painting!

Second - I would like to attend one of your workshops. Sounds interesting, not to mention fun!

Pattie Wall said...

Such lovely light in your painting, Susan. Your workshop went superbly! I look forward to the next workshop offerings.

Gwen Bell said...

Your painting is so lovely! Love your clear color and wonderful use of shadow and light.

The workshop was a so informative and I learned so much. One aspect I appreciated was your ability to zoom in and out on your work and give us a detailed look as you worked your magic. Your explanation of ellipses and their proportions was very helpful and insightful. I'm looking forward to attending many more of your delightful online workshops!

Anonymous said...

Susan, I hate that I missed the workshop. I know it was a fun time. Your painting is beautiful.
If you have time, check out my blog. There are pictures there of the show that was going on at the art house where I was attending a workshop.

Rita said...

I love it!

Regina Calton Burchett said...

This is a beautiful painting, Susan. I hope to have time soon to take one of your online workshops - great idea!

Jo Castillo said...

Wow, you had great students. The paintings are all lovely. The glass jars sing and the flowers fresh!

Professor J said...

I love them all! It is wonderful to see the different focal points for each artist. You make me want to play with colors!

Barbara M. said...

Hi Susan,

What a cool idea and great results. Super work by everyone.


Annice said...

Susan, the workshop was a wonderful experience. All I can say is "When are you going to do it again?"! You did a fantastic job of pulling it all together. Still don't know how you manage to do it all, but am glad you do. Even though this was an on-line workshop I felt I was in a room of like-minded artist the entire time. With you talking and the rest if us "chatting" it felt as if everyone was here in my studio. Thanks a million for giving me this opportunity. I love my painting too!