Painting workshops- Rockwall, TX and ONLINE

This week I got to hang out with with the coolest artists. Eleven fun, enthusiastic painters in Rockwall, TX were in my two-day painting workshop and they each impressed my socks off.
Below is Kathy Holcomb who, with her husband Richard, let me stay in their pretty guest room and fed me very well, indeed. They also took me with them to see a great performance called Celtic Crossroads. Thank you, Kathy and Richard! As a thank you, I'm painting a portrait of Kathy and have gotten this far for a quick demo during the workshop. I promise it will look like her when I'm done!

Let me know if you'd like me to come to your town and give a painting workshop there!
It only dawned on me that I hadn't taken a group photo until after a few had already left, so these are only seven of the eleven- Donna, Marie, Gleneva, Ginnie, (me scooching down) Kathy, Helen and Shannon. Missing are Linda, Nancy, Trudy and Dianna.

Helen, working in oil.

Nancy, working in pastel.

Shannon's oil painting of her grandson.

My gracious host, Kathy, and her oil painting.

Marie and her self portrait in oil.

Gleneva and me. (My shirt says, "Life is Simple: Eat, Sleep, Paint." Sometimes it works out just that way!)

Donna- a very good painter, and also gave me home-made peach preserves. Mmmm.

It was beautiful the whole time I was there until I drove out of the parking lot. I snapped this before going over the long bridge over Ray Hubbard Lake. By the time I go to the other side, I had to hide under a gas station's roof from hail and simultaneous lightning and thunder crashes. The flashes were hair-raising! Minutes later the sun came out again. Texas weather- never dull!

I'm offering a one-day online painting workshop Saturday, February 20th, so if you want to paint at home, following step-by-step as we paint a simple still life arrangement together, I think it'll be fun, you just might learn a LOT, and it will certainly eliminate the hard part of going to a workshop- schlepping all that stuff! You can be right at home, watching me on the internet, and painting along with me as I explain and show each part of the process. The cost will be low- $50. for the day, which will include two quick assessment/suggestion sessions online (if you wish), plus you'll be able to replay the private, password-access broadcasts as often as you like for a month following. If this sounds good to you, email me and I'll send you more details closer to time.
Love, Susan


Elizabeth Seaver said...

It looks as if a good time and lots of learning for all. What a lovely space for a workshop.

Marian Fortunati said...

I hope you offer the online workshop another time. It sounds very interesting and like something I'd like to do... Can't this time as I'm committed to another event.

That storm looks like the one that recently passed over us in LA!!! Wasn't it fun??imeli

Barbara M. said...

You are amazing Susan,

This looks wonderful.


Regina Calton Burchett said...

You're such a good teacher, Susan. I bet they all had fun. I can't wait to try another portrait class sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

you have done very good paintings .looks like they are original

Gwen Bell said...

Looks like a great Workshop! So sorry I missed getting together with you and so sorry you got caught in our horrible storm. Was thinking about you when it hit.