Even more progress on couple

Today, more hours of refining and of putting the design on the woman's scarf. I think I may have resolved the eye issue, but will look at it fresh on Monday.
Tomorrow I get to do the "Paint Around" at the Austin Pastel Society- it should be fun and exciting. I'll try to take photos of the five finished paintings to share.


Regina Calton Burchett said...

Susan - This all looks great, but I especially like the skin tones. They look very "3-D" and healthy! Wonderful work!

solopoesie said...

Buon giorno ...
Ho un invito per te!!
il giorno 2 ottobre è S.Angela è il mio onomomastico,
nel mio blog farà una bella festa....VIRTUALE con una bella torta e spumante ..
per i miei amici e amiche di blogger .
Anche tu sei invitata !!!
Ti prego!
non mancare ..TI ASPETTO!!un grande bacione ,un grazie. anticipato .......e


Sharon Wright said...

Fantastic progress, such a positive happy picture. I find a smile very hard to paint to look natural, but you've cracked it. Well done!

theresamillerwatercolors said...

Hi Susan! These portraits are progressing SO beautifully! Also, your sister's portrait you did online looks really amazing! I thought you had finished it the first week, but now that I see the result the second week, I'm really mesmerized - The color on her skin is truly amazing!

Looking forward to more of those sessions Sunday evenings. Thank you! Theresa