Father and Son on the Beach

This isn't quite done, but has come a long way since Tuesday's start. It was my day to paint with Mary Shepard and it took three drawings until I got the figures where they made some sense. I didn't paint Wednesday, but did more Thursday and again today. I hope to finish it tonight and frame it tonight, but whether for the airport show or the Coppini show, I'm still not sure. I'll post a finished image as soon as I'm able.

I love that the baby's holding a shell he's found.

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Jo Castillo (noblock99) said...

Susan, I hadn't looked at your page in ages and now the mind is blank. :( Maybe Treasure Hunt or Hunters. Three Stars? Anyhoo, it is a nice painting with lots of movement and strong colors.

We are still in NM. Hope to see you at APS in October.