All 30!

A Month Of Paintings
This experience was good medicine. I'm better for it.  I'm humbled by it. Challenged to go on.

After a wee bit of rest.


Barbara Muir said...

Isn't that an exceptional accomplishment! One of
the things I like about it is that I went to a workshop
about 10 years ago with a painter who said, "when you
get like me and can paint 50 paintings in a year, you'll
know you're an artist." I already knew I was an artist.
Now every year I think 50? Ha! Look you have 30 gorgeous
paintings done already, you can just lie back and sip champagne.

I would so love to see you. Don't know how that's going
to happen, but it would be great.


martine paquet said...

Beautiful portraits and great collage!
Congratulations on completing the challenge, Susan!

Jo Castillo said...

Mahvalous Dahling! as the saying goes. Proud of you and they look so beautiful all together. Applause.

Swagatika said...

They are amazing! And its a great idea to put a collage :) I am inspired by you, I am going to make one sketch everyday :)

Barbara Muir said...

I thought I said how amazing you are here, but maybe you
just haven't read your comments yet.

Gorgeous work, all of it. You are so dazzling.
I would love to meet in person and hoot and holler
with joy. Yahoo!