Figure Painting Workshop Aug. 21-22

Coppini Academy, San Antonio, Texas
Two day workshop- Painting the clothed figure in an interior setting. Open to all skill levels.
It's liberating to paint people when a likeness is not the objective. Painting someone doing something, someone in context with the surroundings... the narrative becomes the intent. In this workshop, artists will become storytellers.

In the real world, artists work from life or from photos or a combination of both. On the first day of the workshop, artists will paint from photographic references (provided by me) - a simple scene of a single figure indoors. Artists will work from the model on the second day- an arrangement involving a woman reading.

I'll address issues involving proportion, composition, increasing accuracy of drawing, representign values more correctly, ways to direc the viewers' eye, as well as addresseing individual artists' questions and concerns. Artists may work in oil or pastel or in any drawing medium. (Artists working in other media may attend if they are in command of their medium and are seeking assistance with the subject matter and above issues.)

Join us for a weekend of painting and storytelling!


Virginia Floyd said...

Susan, thank you so much! I had a great time painting with your class, and I really appreciated your helpful suggestions and comments. It was fun!

Barbara M. said...

Hi Susan,

I hope the workshop went really well. I'm way behind on my comments,
but I so love your posts from France.