Ireland Images

I know, I thought I could post something each day of my time here. I'm leaving Ireland for Paris tomorrow and only posted twice. I love this place SO much. I hope there's some way for me to return often- Believe me, I'll be working on that!

This demo was on the second day. I didn't develop it very far, but it's of my nephew Jake, so I like it even in it's raw unfinished state.

This is on the last day of the workshop. The model was on break... why are these artists still painting? Hmm... I loved all these painters.

I did this little demo on the second day, too, because one of the artists was painting from its reference and it was giving her trouble. I found out why when I gave it a go- very tricky for some reason. She's given me a copy of her reference so I can someday return to this and try to finish it. Now it's a matter of pride!
These are my funny, smart, happy hosts Jan and Janetta. I've had such a good time in their company.

After the workshop, Jan and Janetta and I crossed the country to the west coast, past Galway to the the Connemara region. Oh my.

(That's me on the rise to the right.)
Horses and cows and sheep and rugged shoreline and sandy beaches and beautiful towns and sailboats and wide blue sky and people speaking with the richest accent that goes right to the center of my heart and mind, and cider and seafood chowder and prawns and salmon and potatoes done every way possible and incredible brown bread. In the 8 days I've been here I must've eaten loaves and loaves of brown bread. I've never had anything like it and yet it's on every table- imagine! The conversations I've been privileged to listen to (and be part of) will bounce around in my brain for a long time.

These last two days I've spent with Janetta and her partner John. John is a literary agent, and of course Janetta is an artist, so the house and conversation is filled with books and art. We've walked along one of the two Dun Laoghaire piers today and Janetta and I visited another one of the artists from the workshop in her beautiful home on the sea.

The pictures I'm posting have no real way of showing you what I've seen, but may offer a hint of some kind.
Tomorrow I fly to Paris! Although I'm having trouble letting go of Ireland, I'm looking forward to exploring the little bit of France I'll get to experience in the coming week. With any luck I'll be posting again soon.


Karen Jensen said...

That Sorrento photo is stunning. I think you must paint it! I'm so glad you're having fun!

Rita Kirkman Daily Paintings and Art Journal said...

I LOVE the sketch of the little girl!! It has such freshness, and movement, and innocence! Don't add too much more to it!

Lokelani Forrest said...

I can just imagine what a wonderful time you are having. Look forward to your next post.

Marian Fortunati said...

Wow.... beautiful place..
I LOVE the painting you did of the chld... It may not be finished to your taste, but it's just perfect to mine!!

Ann Rogers said...

Beautiful photos, fabulous trip to Ireland and now off to Paris...enjoy, enjoy!

Ann Rogers said...

Beautiful photos, fabulous trip to Ireland and now off to Paris...enjoy, enjoy!

Linda Popple said...

I am really enjoying your trip! Great job on the demos, photos and descriptions. Can't wait for Paris!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

wow! I know someone from Connemara. Hope I can see it someday.