Figure Workshop, August 21-22

Susan Carlin- Figure Workshop
Painting the clothed figure in an interior setting
Open to all skill levels

Saturday, August 21- Sunday, August 22, 9 a.m.- 4:30 p.m., $195 includes venue and model fees.

It's liberating to paint people when a likeness is not necessarily the goal. Painting someone doing something, a person in context with the surroundings- the narrative becomes the intent. In this workshop, artists will become storytellers.

In the real world, artists work from life or from photos, and often a combination of both. In this workshop, artists will paint the first day from photographs provided by the instructor- a simple scene involving a single figure indoors. Artists will work from the model on the second day- an arrangement involving a woman reading.

Carlin will address issues involving proportion, composition, increasing accuracy of drawing, representing values more accurately, ways to direct the viewer's eye, as well as addressing individual artists' questions and concerns. Artists may work in oil or in pastel, or in any drawing medium. (Artists who work in other media are welcome if they are in command of their medium and are seeking assistance with the subject matter and above issues.)

Join us for a weekend of painting and storytelling!


Regina Calton Burchett said...

This sounds great, Susan - it's exactly what I've been wanting to work on! I definitely hope I'll be able to attend.

Susan Carlin said...

Wonderful, Regina- I'm looking forward to it!