Studio makeover, Debra's visit & Gentleman Traveler

My studio/computer room in its former hideous state:

This room was originally the fourth bedroom in my home, although I've only used it as an office for the 20+ years I've lived here. A few years ago I discovered the advantages of painting with my reference photos on the computer monitor, so I moved in a couple of easels... and the flotsam and jetsam began to accumulate. Until I started broadcasting my painting time, I usually had a movie or TV show going while I painted in order to have 'company' of a sort. Now I get to have a conversation with real people while I paint. Life was good, but oh, was it ever messy!
The same space now:

I don't think the "before" pictures truly show how awful it was in this room, but trust me- you wouldn't have wanted your loved ones to enter without making sure their shots were up to date.
How did this transformation happen? I have a friend who was born organized. You know how Superman had X-ray eyes and could see inside and behind things? Well, she can look at clutter and stacks and jumbles of who-knows-what and see how to put it in order. Me? I look at a cluttered room and just turn in circles until the depth of my despair could fill a Russian novel.

Yesterday she took on my studio and the room didn't stand a chance. It whimpered a little (or was that me?) and gave in to her tidy plans. I keep going to the door and saying, "WOW!"

Tonight I'll get to do my Wednesday night (7:00 p.m. Central time) broadcast in a space with SPACE. Please drop in if you can! On Friday, I'll be broadcasting painting with Debra Bryant , whom I get to host while she's in town for the opening reception of the Salon International exhibition this weekend. I'm not sure exactly when we'll broadcast on Friday, so if you add your email address to my "Get an email when I'll be painting online" form on my blog, you'll get an email with the time. Friday evening Debra and I will attend the Salon's Awards Banquet. Photos to follow!

My painting, Gentleman Traveler, was accepted into the Salon International and its image is now posted on Greenhouse Gallery's website here, and the super enormous image of it is here. Here is the framed view.
Some of you may remember that Daniel Greene critiqued my accepted entry last year, and what a thrill that was for me. Well, this year's judge, Everett Raymond Kinstler, is going to critique Gentleman Traveler. I will do my best to video his critique and post it here afterward. It'll be an honor to have him consider my work for the few minutes he'll focus on it.

Remember that I'm offering an Online Portrait Workshop a week from Saturday- April 17th, 9-4:30, for $50. So if you have good internet access and want to paint a portrait that Saturday, I hope you'll join in the fun! Follow this link to register:
Come on by tonight at 7 for a chat while I paint... You know I love it.


Mark Bridges said...

Hi Susan. Your Greenhouse salon painting is great. I think it will stand out.

Linda said...

Gentleman Traveler is amazing! Beautiful work.

Your studio looks great! What a wonderful friend to come in and organize!

Ann Reyes said...

Congratulations, Susan! That's wonderful! I can't wait to see the video of Kinstler's critique.

Pattie Wall said...

Hi Susan - your studio space looks amazing! Does your friend travel distances to do this? ☺ Looks very nice! Good luck on your Salon critique - WOW! See you next Saturday!

SKIZO said...