Charvin competition entry- learning a lesson over and over

A couple of weeks ago I rushed around and sent off a CD with a quickly photographed image of one of my paintings to the Charvin painting competition. I did it so fast that I didn't take the time to make sure the photo's colors were right.
I got an email yesterday telling me I got an honorable mention in the competition, so I went to see the web page showing the winners, and had a whole mixture of responses- happy to have a painting included, and sorry to see that the colors were so garish. That's completely my own fault, and a lesson learned... again. You'd think I'd know better by now. Doing things in a rush (and not feeling completely good about it before putting one's work out into the world) can often come back to bite you. Apparently I've done this publicly enough that Josh Kadtke wrote this in an email to me today:
"Right now I'm pulling a "Susan" by waiting till the last minute to start something for a deadline. I started last night at 10 and painted till 5am and then got up at 8 and started at it again!"

Yep. Sounds like me. And I'm about to do it again, too. The rush-to-a-deadline painting marathon. But, really, what's more motivating than a deadline?


Mark Bridges said...

Well, at least your not rushing to the dentists office. So an Art dead line is better. :)

Barbara M. said...

Hi Susan,

The photo may not do the work justice in your mind, but even without justice it's a beautiful painting. I think it should have won a very high honour.


Diana Marshall said...

Congrats on winning honourable mention, I just went on Jerry's site to see the other entrants, how do you like charvin paint? There are so many brands out there it is difficult to know with out trying them all out, if they are any good.

Studio Zanne said...

Well, we wouldn't be artists if we didn't procrastinate and enjoy the intense rush we get from it...another Queen of Lateness. ;-)

Studio Zanne said...

...and congrats on your win!

Bonnie Mann said...

I'm with Barbara M. It is a beautiful painting as seen on Charvin. Congrats! How do you like the paint?