Kitty for Bill, 5 x 7 oil on panel, Sold

It's wonderful when I get a commission to paint someone's cat or dog. What could be better than looking into these eyes for part of an afternoon?

I also painted a small landscape today and suffered all the way through. Only tonight did I find out why. I thought I'd bought one of Ampersand's cradled gessobords, but it turns out it was a claybord. The paint almost dried on contact. It felt almost like painting with acrylics. I'm going to try a second pass at it sometime by "oiling in" first and see what happens. Has anyone out there used a claybord and could offer words of advice?


Marian Fortunati said...

Awwwwww.... This painting is tooo cute.
You have such a wonderful way to know how to place and crop your images!! Not to mention how well you PAINT... Anyhow.. love this.
I remember my shock the first time I used a claybord. I hated it and never tried again. I'd be interested to hear how your oiling experience went.

Diana Marshall said...

Hi Susan,
wonderful cat portrait, the eyes have it!
I was just yesterday on Blicks web-site trying to figure out the difference between clayboard and gessoed board. The thing I noticed about clayboard was , they didn't mention it was suitable for oil paint. That could be the problem.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Susan,

A super cat painting. So filled with expression.


Carolina said...

Very nice cat! It's incredible how different a photo's colors can be with different sources of light...
Best regards,

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Susan,

I've give you the Bella Sinclair award. Check out my blog for details.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Susan,

I was rushing. I mean I've given you
the Bella Sinclair award. It's for
sisterhood in art. Right on!

xoxoxoBarbara said...

Lovely portrait - I think I prefer the cat with the gray/green fur.

Artist Flynn Gentry-Taylor said...

I love it Susan, so you apinted this and also a landscape! Now I know I am slow. Let me know how the oiling in went, did you use Walnut Oil? Flynn