Names for the novel's characters

My daughter and I went to a sneak preview for "Prime" tonight, and as any of you who've been to sneak previews know... you go early and wait long. So we were camping out on the gaudy commercial carpeting which you only really see in theaters and Las Vegas casinos, eating our popcorn and Reese's Pieces, and I asked if she'd help name my characters for this novel I'm about to write. I had my notes with me and still had folks labeled with numbers and "types" (sporty couple, caretaker, artist, tattooed-and-pierced one, etc.) In a few moments she'd found all the right names for my characters. Just like that! Suddenly they were actual people to me. Suddenly I could see connections between them that their "types" wouldn't allow. Bless that girl!

Go on, now. Sign up! National Novel Writing Month starts in six days.

Let's encourage each other and wig out on caffeine and let our housechores slide. It's just for a month. Got anything better planned? 1667 words a day. 3-4 pages of type. We can do this.

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